California is Mejor Tequila Company's home state. Founded in 2007 with a 50 year history of growing only the best in blue agave in Jalisco Mexico, the Mejor Tequila has infused real excitement back into the tequila category with its ultra high quality small batch 100% agave tequilas at a great value and truly unique offerings such as Mejor Pink leading the way!

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Mejor Tequila is exclusively distributed in the state of California directly by the Mejor Tequila Company, LLC. Mejor Tequila covers the whole state with fulfillment centers in Sacramento, San Jose, Napa and Los Angeles. Same day deliveries available in some markets. 1-3 day delivery time otherwise.


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Mejor Tequila Company, LLC
2053 Grant Road #366
Los Altos, CA 94024
Phone: 650-472-3937
Fax: 650-472-3937